jeudi 28 avril 2011

First Impressions of Rome, Italy

Second day in Rome... Apart from some light showers yesterday the brilliant weather continues and I couldn't be happier. Warm and sunny but not too hot. The large and historical monuments scattered all over Rome are beyond impressive. They rock my socks off! I can't believe it. I am having such a great time here. Everything is going great except that Italy is seriously lacking in maps. Compared to France where I see maps everywhere... it's kind of shit. That'd be one of my number one complaints about Italy!

I am also suffering from some minor physical/health problems: tiredness/exhaustion, feet absolutely killing me and hayfever allergies from hell. Apparently it's the pollen from the cypress trees I've been told and not so much the pollen from the flowers. Whatever it is, it has been making my ENTIRE trip absolutely miserable. I hope when I return home the symptoms go away! And don't bother suggesting drugs to me because my body is immune to them. Antihistamines and nasal sprays do NOTHING for me. I just have to bare the 'pain' of it all till the pollen dies down (and it stops being windy) or I go to a different place.

Tomorrow is sadly the last full day of my holidays :(

A full and travel report will be up when I get back to my normal (or maybe not so normal?) every day routine...


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