mardi 8 février 2011

Rien à declarer (Nothing to declare) - film review

Last Wednesday night I went to see this film, Rien à declarer (Nothing to declare)...

Written, directed by, and starring the comic genius that is Dany Boon (Bienvenue chez les ch'tis and Micmacs (reviewed here)), this was a laugh-a-minute film. I admit that it's still hard for me to understand a French film completely. With French subtitles I can understand about 90% but without I can only understand about 70% so I miss a lot of subtleties (and sometimes even part of the plot!)

An anti-French Belgian customs officer is forced to work with his "neighbour" during the elimination of the Franco-Belge borders in the 90s. There were so many anti-French jokes (many of which I probably didn't understand) it was hilarious. There was also a small side love story and another side story about some dim-witted drug smugglers... all of which made it a perfect mid-week movie to watch!


imdb: Nothing to declare Rien à declarer



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