vendredi 8 juillet 2011

2 years of learning French

Wowzers how time flies! I only just realised that this week it's been about 2 years since I first started learning French. Now I wasn't learning French during 2 years continuously of course but I'm still proud of my achievement and the level that I've attained :)

I'm going to start learning German one of these days but I'm really not looking forward to it because it seems sooooo much harder than French :(


Anonyme a dit…

Well yes and no. As a French native speaker, I did learn German at school along with English, and I have to say, German is a far more logical language than French. Plus, you get to hear what you write, unlike French... Also note that once you've learnt another language, you actually developped patterns to learn other languages, which makes the process all easier and faster than learning German as your first foreign language. So good luck with it and the sooner you start, the better !!! Beware Swiss German is not the same than German (Deutschland)


Andrew Maurice a dit…

I've been studying french for a little over a year now, but before that I studied german for 3 years. In many ways german grammar is more complicated than french, however there aren't very many exceptions so you just need to the learn all the rules and that's it. Also, all german words sound exactly as they're spelled (like spanish) so that means it's much easier to learn new vocabulary and develop your listening comprehension (especially in immersion) than it is in french. Bonne chance !

La Petite Blogueuse a dit…

Merci pour vos conseils, Karine et Andrew !

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