jeudi 3 avril 2014

Dany Boon as the French voice of Olaf in Frozen La Reine des neiges

Dany Boon la voix française d'Olaf !

I came across this video by accident some time ago but forgot to write about it. I love the comic actor, Dany Boon. He is great in every film I've seen him in. The first one I saw was Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis and I've written about him and his films many times before in this blog here.

When I found out he did the voice of Olaf in the French version of the film Frozen (La Reine des neiges) I immediately had a big smile on my face. He is just PERFECT for the role of sweet, funny, bumbling Olaf. I couldn't think of another better French actor than him for that role.

While I'm on the topic of Disney films and famous French actors, I also found out that Romain Duris was the voice of Flynn Ryder in the French version of Tangled/Rapunzel (Raiponce). Again, he is one of my favourite French actors and when you think about it, he even looks like the character and again, it was a perfect choice.


Anonyme a dit…

Why do you keep writing in English if you live in a French-speaking country is boggling my mind.

P a dit…

Because I still think in English (obviously ;) ) and also my readers are Anglophones or people who are learning French (ie this blog is not aimed at French native speakers)

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