samedi 17 octobre 2009

French bureaucracy and paperwork

I'm actually getting a bit scared now.. I'm sure it's not just a stereotype when I've read about this so many times from so many sources by so many people. This blog post by David Leibovitz had me in stitches!

It's actually terrifying for me because I detest bureaucracy and red tape. The last time I had to go through extreme measures was during university which was quite a few years ago now, so I've practically forgotten... I am just trying to stay positive, fingers crossed and all that that I won't have to tear my hair out over dealings with the French consulate or government.

I'm going to try and do my blog posts in French now as well... I know there will be mistakes, so be warned. I have no idea if what I'm writing is gramatically correct or not.

J'ai de plus en plus peur... Je suis sûr que ce n'est pas un stéréotype quand j'ai avant entendu de ce problème de beaucoup de temps par beaucoup de sources et beaucoup de monde. Cet article du blog "David Leibovitz" que je me suis fendu la pêche!

C'est terrifiant pour moi ca je déteste la bureaucratie et la paperasserie. La dernière fois que je devais pousser les choses à l'extrême était pendant mes études à l'université, qui était il y a quelques années. Alors, j'ai presque oublié... Je vais essayer de rester positive... croise les doigts et tout ça que je ne serai pas en colère aux les relations avec le consulat ou le gouvernement français.

That took so long I think I'll only do the translation when I could be bothered, or if my post is really really short! ;)

Btw I got the expressions from that book I told you about before 101 French Idioms with MP3 Disk: Enrich your French conversation with colorful everyday sayings


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