mercredi 14 octobre 2009

French expat interviews

I found this great site featuring lots of interviews with expats.

I am doing more research into how to get myself into France and keep coming up with hurdles. If I was under 30 everything would be so much easier (admittedly I am kicking myself I didn't come up with this idea to go to France earlier!) If I was under 30 I could go on the working holiday scheme, I could be a teaching assistant or an au pair. As it is, I am just over, so I don't qualify (boohoo). I am not a rich retiree and I don't have loads and loads of money saved up so the most feasible solution is for me to apply for a long stay student visa which will also allow me to work 20 hours per week (of course finding a job there is another hurdle since I'm not an EU citizen)... but life is full of challenges, right? Maybe in the future I will document my experiences with French bureaucracy in this blog... ;)

Admittedly, I've also recently been looking into cities other than Paris. The reasons for this are mainly:
* the lower cost of living
* fewer percentage of people that speak English, therefore increasing my chances of learning French
* I prefer warmer weather so am looking into the southern cities
* smaller towns - friendlier people

I know that if I don't end up going to Paris the title of my blog is somewhat incorrect but I'll cross that pont when I get to it ;)


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