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In one of my previous posts I posted a link to the Teaching handwriting in France video and I'm really glad I stumbled upon that site because there's a whole heap of great high quality informative videos on there. I've listed some relevant ones. Unfortunately many are only streamed to UK viewers.

Lesson starters - Primary French - Bienvenue en Martinique !
A second selection of short videos filmed in the Caribbean island of Martinique, to be used as lesson starters for primary French learners.

Citizenship: How do they do it in France?
A revealing look at the way in which the French education system approaches the teaching of citizenship, and how this compares to the approach of British schools.

This programme looks at a French healthy food scheme, called the Fleurbaix Laventie Ville Sante project. Run by Agnes Lommez, it has not only helped to drastically reduce the level of childhood obesity but has also succeeded in creating an understanding of nutrition and health from the early years.

Secondary modern foreign languages
Resource Review is your solution to finding the best resources for teaching your subject. Each week we test out resources in the classroom, targeted to a key stage, in a specific subject area.

Attention seekers
In this programme, John Bayley visits a part time French teacher to observe and offer advice in the teaching of a particularly disruptive Year 7 class.

Great primary teaching lesson ideas for Primary French
Four ideas for teaching French at primary show an approach for giving pupils the confidence to practice their language skills in class.

Mind your languages
In many ways Greenhill Primary School is a primary like any. Yet here, the learning of modern foreign languages is embedded within the school's ethos.

Hard to teach - Secondary modern foreign languages using ICT
Innovative ICT applications which support the teaching of MFL are investigated, including web applications that encourage boys to speak, and ways of using the internet to keep students interested.

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) teaching
As English primary schools gear up to teach modern foreign languages, we look north of the border - where schools have 10 years experience of MFL - for some top tips and advice.

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) teaching - Attraction lower ability pupils
This programme visits Frederick Gough School in Scunthorpe to examine the issue of making language courses more appealing to lower ability pupils.

MFL - Making language learning more appealing
How The English Martyrs School in Hartlepool has transformed the popularity of MFL subjects and boosted its GCSE results.

Lost for words
According to John Dunford from the ASCL, the number of students sitting language GCSE and A Level has dramatically declined since the government made MFL non-compulsory.

Modern Foreign Languages
A Year 10 GSCE Italian class at Haydon School, Hillingdon, focus on extending their vocabulary so they can achieve top marks in their upcoming conversation exam.

Independent learning: One teacher's journey
An MFL teacher enlists the help of education expert Jackie Beere to demonstrate how to implement independent learning techniques in the classroom.

Lesson planning
Clare Hewitt, a former air hostess and supermarket manager, now teaches modern foreign languages at Parkside school near Bradford. This programme charts her progress over her first term of teaching and takes a detailed look at how she is tackling her lesson planning.
Clare is finding it hard to motivate children at Key Stage 4 and wants to plan dynamic lessons to keep them interested. Using mind-mapping - a non-linear way of planning - mentor Sarah Williams helps Clare to plan a Year 10 French lesson for pupils of mixed ability.

Better learning with ICT: Online communities in the classroom
Secondary French teacher Marie Guyomarc'h, investigates how to make use of online communities in her classes.

Jack, Year 8
A look at the school and learning experience of Jack, a Year 8 pupil at Hove Park School in Sussex.
Jack's experience at school is mixed. In subjects such as history, in which students dramatise a slave auction, and art he is very motivated, but is frustrated in French, where his refusal to work results in him being sent out of the lesson.

The story of gannets and their environment
The story of gannets unfolds through a look at their home in the biggest bird reserve on the French sea.
(not available for screening outside UK)

Healthy eating - Let's start a café - portraits
A second collection of short videos to be used as lesson starters for primary French learners.
(not available for screening outside UK)

They filmed the war in colour: France is Free part 1
A look at the German occupation of France during World War II, using colour footage from the time.
(not available for screening outside UK)

An insight into WW2, including the liberation of France from German occupation, captured in colour.
(not available for screening outside UK)

Follow pupils at Malherbe Lycee in Caen, France, as they prepare for the high demands of their final exams and the impact it will have on their future careers.
(not available for screening outside UK)

Ella, one of three hopefuls picked to work as a fixer for The Wombats, struggles with her French and her enthusiasm as the band play a music festival in Arras, France.
(not available for screening outside UK)

Chez Mimi, a series for nine to 12-year-old French beginners, features Madame Mimi, the cantankerous concierge of an apartment block.
(not available for screening outside UK)

I've only watched about 3 of the videos...
I found the Citizenship video really really interesting because I started to get a sense of déjà vu! My French classes at the Alliance Française were just like this! We'd watch a video or read an article and discuss it in great length and have the class talk about or even debate their points of view, etc. After the first one or two lessons I was really weirded out by the whole experience. I couldn't see the point of it all. I wanted to both cry and scream. It's been a long time since I was in high school so I don't remember doing anything like that and even when I was in high school, we don't really talk about issues like that in that way either. After I got used to this 'concept' the classes became a lot more fun and easier though. And after watching this video (and reading various books about French people) it's obvious that that's what French people love to do: philosophise and argue and debate about random topics but especially those relating to the government and politics and society!


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