jeudi 20 janvier 2011

What happens to Christmas trees once Christmas is over?

Ever wonder what happens to all the Christmas trees (that decorate the streets of France in every city) after Christmas is over? Watch this video and find out! (it's in French though ;) )

Qu'est-ce qui arrive aux sapins de Noël après Noël ? Regardez ce vidéo et vous vous renseignerez !

Speaking of Christmas, I noticed that the lights and decorations are starting to come down now :( Some lights are still illuminated but some are not. Makes me sad to see it all come down but I guess we all have to wait another year for it to happen again!

And onto other news. I cannot believe how accurate the weather forecast is. Every time it told me it would snow in my town, it did. Over the past 2 weeks or so it has been unseasonally warm averaging about 10-13° in the day time but there was a sudden change this morning when it became cold again and as exactly as I had read in the weather forecast (météo) it started snowing this afternoon! This is the first time it has snowed since around Christmas/late December. I also feel like it's colder in my town than surrounding towns as there are always (c)lumps of snow in various places around my school, the town and the station. It has never completed melted. There has been snow in my town since 25 November. Just when it had 99.9% melted here, it started to snow again.

Thinking about the snow and the weather makes me think about the cyclical nature of the seasons, the year and life. It makes one contemplate how fast time really goes!


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