lundi 14 septembre 2009

Films set in Paris

A few weeks ago I went through my DVD collection to try and find the films which have something, anything to do with Paris.

So far I've watched these and it's actually the first time I've watched them on DVD (I have quite a few and don't even get time to watch them all, but I've seen some of them before at the cinema)...

Amélie (Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain) (2001) - I don't think there's too many people who don't know and love this film. Je l'adore! There are so many reasons why I like it: The gorgeous light in the film and cinematography, the wonderful acting, being able to relate to the main character, the fun, frivolities and innocence... the twist at the end, and so much more. Ahhh... Definitely a 10 out of 10.

The Phantom of the Opera (2004) - Based on the musical, starring Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum. I really enjoyed it. I loved the gorgeous costumes. Was a bit disappointed to find out it was filmed in England on a sound stage, and not in Paris though!

Moulin Rouge (2001) - Loved it the first time I saw it (and I didn't like Baz's previous films) and still loved it. The enduring star-crossed lovers theme, the singing and pop musical numbers, the amazing sets and costumes. Also not filmed in Paris, but my very own Sydney (in Fox Studios).

2 days in Paris (2007) - An independent film directed by and starring Julie Delpy. It is similar to 'Before Sunrise' and 'Before Sunset' in that it's about a couple, and seems to take place in real time, with very real sounding conversations. It is quite comical but also very realistic about what goes on in a relationship.

Ratatouille (2007) - The awesome Pixar film. I've never really been heavily into food but I think seeing this film was a turning point in my life, because for the first time, I appreciated how much effort went into cooking a good meal, and how to really appreciate food etc. Of course I love the cute characters and the 'moral' that your friends and family will always be there for you...

Le Divorce (2003) - Just finished watching this and I have to admit, I knew it was based on a book, but I didn't know anything really about it (which turned out to be great, as I had no preconceptions). I actually really really enjoyed the film, and was surprised to see such low ratings on imdb (currently 4.9/10). I guess the reason why I enjoyed it was because of the following reasons: 1) It's set in Paris (duh) and there are some wonderful shots of various places and inside restaurants which I loved. The food shots were totally droolworthy. 2) In the movie they speak French quite a bit and they are actually French actors (I hate when they get actors pretending to be a certain nationality) so they speak French with a French accent, and English with a French accent. Awesome! I could even catch a lot of what they were saying (but I admit I had subtitles turned on). 3) Being female and roughly the same age as the main characters (played by the gorgeous Naomi Watts and Kate Hudson) I guess I could relate to a lot of the issues they were going through and seeing as the movie was mostly about relationships, I enjoyed that aspect too.

I do remember vaguely reading on Amazon that the author was trying to highlight the differences between French and American/Anglo culture and this was quite evident in the film. At the time I never planned on reading her book because I don't like to read fiction. I did extensive searches for books about Paris written by women in their 20s or 30s, preferably single and childless, just so I could relate to it more... and I didn't plan on reading this but after having enjoyed the film so much I might go and read it now (if I ever find the time!)...


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