lundi 10 janvier 2011

French SMS Les Textos Français

Now normally I'm all for correct spelling but when it comes to sending text messages on mobile phones I tend to abbreviate where possible to save time. I also do not have a phone with a keyboard so it's tedious to send text messages (I prefer to send an email or a message through Facebook, hey, I'm old school like that!)

Actually I've found that many people I know (both in Australia and France DON'T use shorthand. I'm not sure the reason for this... because they want to appear more polite? more intelligent? more understandable? because they don't know the shorthand?)

Anyway... I've had fun trying to decipher some of the text messages I get from French people.

Just going through my phone, some abbreviations I've been sent (all of which I've figured out on my own. Proud moment there ;) )

c = c'est (it's)
o = au (at the/in the/on the)
koi = quoi (what)
kil = qu'il (...that it...)
parske = parce que (because)
koment = comment (how)
2m1 = demain (that was a tricky one!) (tomorrow)
je vai = je vais (I will/I'm going...)
boku = beaucoup (a lot)
abiento = à bientôt (see you soon)
vou ète = vous êtes (you are)
mé = mes (my)
+ = plus (more)
@+ or a+ = à plus tard (see you later)
c ki ? = c'est qui ? (who is it?)
rdv = rendezvous (appointment)
ecm = en ce moment (at the moment)
aprem = après midi (afternoon)
t'arive = t'arrives = tu arrives (you come)
je peu = je peux (I can)
biz = bises/bisous (cheek kisses)

Luckily I haven't received anything like this so far! haha (from here)

j'tapLDkej'pe = je t'appelle dès que je peux (I'll call you as soon as I can)
a éT voir koi o 6né = tu as été voir quoi au ciné ? (what did you go to see at the movies?)

Lots more French sms/chatroom speak here

I remember when I first started chatting online in French and someone made a typo I would not realise it was a typo and couldn't understand the word. But now I think I've gotten the hang of it. I can figure out the actual word from typos.. yay! When you first start to learn a new language this is actually a lot harder than you think!

Ones I use often are:
bcp (=beaucoup/a lot)
qqch (=quelque chose/something)

When I text a French person in English I make sure I don't use too many abbreviations otherwise they probably won't be able to understand me!

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