vendredi 14 janvier 2011

Natalie Tran in Paris

If you didn't know already, Natalie Tran (AKA Community Channel) is the biggest Australian YouTube star and one of the biggest YouTube stars altogether. I've been watching her videos for more than 2 years now and they still amuse me. She is very funny and seems intelligent and down to earth and humble. I also like that she makes people realise that Australia does not solely consist of white blond-haired and blue-eyed people. It's very multicultural like the US and other countries (well at least in the big cities it is). Anyhoo...

I've been following her latest adventure with much interest. Aged 24, she just finished her university degree (in November) and is now travelling around the world thanks to Lonely Planet. Lucky girl, eh?!

It was with much pleasure that I watched her two latest videos about Paris because I was actually there around the same time as her. She writes this on her blog on Lonely Planet:

This may sound dorky but one of the first things I wanted to do once I reached Paris was walk the route they walked in the movie Before Sunset. It looked like an easy enough walk, something they managed to do in the film in about two hours so I put on my walking shoes and started off at the famous bookstore Shakespeare and Company. The plan pretty much went downhill from there. I scribbled down directions based off the film and realised they had cleverly cut the film so destinations that looked like they were just around the corner were in fact 40 or so minutes away. 

The strangest coincidence is I did just that! I kid you not. During my first visit to Paris a few years ago I went in search of the locations in Before Sunset. However, unlike her, I actually did the research and found how to get to them all, realising they were not next to each other like it seemed in the film. In that same trip I also found the various locations in Vienna that they used in the first film, Before Sunrise.

She also posted up some photos and the uncanny thing is, I have photos of myself in the same places/situations:

I also froze in the Jardin du Luxembourg to get a photo of me by the probably frozen and snow-covered 'bassin'... why? Find out soon in my upcoming mammoth post about Paris!

I also went to various Christmas markets (marchés de Noël) and the only thing I bought was a crêpe! It was just something that I had to do!

If you haven't checked out her videos yet click on the link below (there are also links to her other travel videos):

Paris Video 1
Paris Video 2

à bientôt !


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