mercredi 12 janvier 2011

Les Soldes d'hiver 2011

Post-Christmas/Winter Sales start TODAY (12 January) and go until 15 February 2011.
Les soldes d'hiver commencent AUJOURD'HUI (le 12 janvier) jusqu'àu 15 février 2011.

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Edited: This is what I got: 

• An angora/wool long-sleeve tunic/dress thing from H&M. 40 --> 15 euros
A cotton printed long-sleeve dress from H&M. 20 --> 10 euros 
(it's so hard to find long sleeved dresses! I'm forever trying to find nice ones)
Both the above items were the last ones in the store of that style.
• A pair of pants from Camaieu. 30 --> 15 euros
• A Emma Pernelle long sleeve top (with pin-tuck and lace detail) from Kiabi. 9.90 --> 2.97 euros

I could have easily bought more but I was relatively restrained. I noticed that basics like scarves, winter hats, gloves, socks, stockings/tights and underwear were very rarely on sale. Lingerie in various stores was on sale but only in specific styles. 

There were lots and lots of lovely winter coats for sale but I am so over winter clothes now and I noticed that hardly anyone was looking at them. I saw some gorgeous Desigual coats at one store at 40% off. 

I only buy things that are at least 50% off. Given that sales in France only occur twice a year they are pretty good and I can actually find things in my size here (in Australia everything left in the sales is too big for me). 

The H&M sale was pretty awesome. Almost everything was only 5 or 10 euros with only a few things at 15 or 20 euros. I like Camaieu anyway and I don't know about this rule that apparently in France you're not allowed to have sales except during July and January because they have sales all the time! It's one of my favourite stores as they have nice stuff at reasonable prices.
I liked Zara but it was so crowded I gave up!

Another blog post in the works is about - surprise - shopping in France!


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