mercredi 13 avril 2011

Careers, exams and waiting

It just occurred to me that SO many people I know are in the middle of a career change or doing exams and going to interviews to improve their career prospects...

My friend 1 - applying for dozens and dozens of jobs hoping to get something soon. I really hope she gets something too because she really deserves it considering the amount of effort she has been putting in. I also helped her translating her CV and cover letter into English

My friend 2 - he recently went to a job interview and has yet to hear back from them. It's for the same job he's currently already got but this one a permanent full-time position (which is the holy grail) instead of part-time/temporary/shift type one.  I helped him with his CV and then after the interview they sent him this huge online test by Adecco to do to test his personality traits and his English level. We were a bit naughty because I helped him with the English part (which consisted of something like 150 questions!!) I admit that for a non-native speaker some of them were extremely tricky. We were smart though and didn't want to make it look suss so I purposely clicked on some wrong answers so he wouldn't get 99 or 100%. So he is waiting to hear back from them...

Our mutual friend, 3 - he recently did an intensive series of exams in Lyon that went for a week I think (!!) to become a customs officer. A bit like being a teacher in France you could end up almost anywhere in the country (on the borders or at an airport). He's waiting to hear back from them...

The school nurse - I saw her studying intensively for some special exam that is mandatory involving first aid and emergency care. Something happened (I couldn't quite understand since she was talking at at a million miles a minute but I think she said that the examiner didn't like her and there was a disagreement or something) and anyway she said she failed the exam and she has to take it again in month's time.

My friend in Paris - currently studying for his exams that he'll take in September to become an avocado. OK stupid joke. The French word for lawyer/solicitor/attorney, avocat, is the same as for the fruit avocado! He is currently a juriste and wants to change fields.

Someone I was speaking to on Skype (that I found through a language learning website) - he said he's currently studying for his upcoming HSK (Chinese language) exams in June. Then he wants to go to China and live/work/travel there.

A long time friend (from a language learning website) - he's a pharmacist and bored and says he wants to go back to university to do something different!

One of the teachers I work with - during the last school holidays in late Feb he went down to Lyon for a week to do a course to get some special teaching certification.

A surveillant at the school - He says that once he finishes up here in June he wants to go to Lyon to look for work.

It feels like so many people around me are in the midst of change in their lives relating to their careers...

Honestly, whether it's for necessity or by choice, I really admire people who have the guts to make great changes in their lives. It's all too easy to just live within your 'comfort zone' but I'm all for pushing yourself and being the best person that you can be and living the best life that you can live!

And as for me? Well I'm still waiting for this important piece of news and the wait is killing me because I worry that by the time I find out it may be too late to tell people here since I only have one more week to go after this (and then it won't be a proper goodbye).. And also there are a lot of things I want to do and plan but without this news I can't really go ahead. Grrr...


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