mercredi 13 avril 2011

The wheel is come full circle

When I was in my final year of high school, I studied Shakespeare's King Lear and remember the quote well: "The wheel is come full circle" and I really feel that my time here has "come full circle".

Following from my experience with the French teacher yesterday, today in the staffroom, another teacher with whom I've had almost zero contact and don't even know the name of, wanted to shout me a coffee from the coffee machine. Ha! When I politely declined he asked if it was because I thought it was bad. I laughed and said, "No, I don't drink coffee" (je bois pas de café) and he offered me a tea instead (which I also declined as I'm really fussy with my hot drinks)... But the thought was really nice.

It's funny but I only know of him because he spends a lot of time hanging around a female teacher who lives in the internat down the hall from me. I think a lot of teachers/staff suspect there is something going on between them because they are always together and yet seem like such an unlikely match as well. He seems quite nice but to be honest I find the girl really weird. The first time we met she was over-the-top friendly towards me and suggested we could go out after work and have a pizza but it never eventuated and then she kinda ignores me and barely even says "bonjour" and seems kind of anti-social and weird.

So bizarre but it's true. It's almost always the males I meet that are super nice to me. But not always...

Anyway, tonight, I bumped into that person (and one of his mates) again for the first time in months. 2.5 months to be exact. I actually remember the last time we saw each other because it was the last time it snowed at the school (and even then it wasn't much). I've tried to put it all behind me and forget about him/them/the incident... and I admit it did feel a bit weird seeing them again and making plaisanteries with each other but I do not harbour any negativity or anything towards them anymore. I think I've actually gotten over the whole thing. I haven't actively avoided them but then I hadn't seen them for so long either.

He was actually being very nice and normal to me (like you would with someone you've just met for the first time)...

I told them I was leaving as soon as the school holidays start and one of them asked, "Tu quittes ?" I said quite defiantly, "Non,  je quitte pas. C'est la fin de mon contrat. C'est que pendant 7 mois" (No I'm not leaving/quitting. It's the end of my contract. It's only for 7 months). I was kind of annoyed by that comment. Note that it was said by the other person and not the one that wronged me. I felt that there were undertones that I was "giving up" and leaving, much like the English verb "to quit".  Quitter is an interesting word (French verb) because it means to leave. It can often mean to leave on your own accord, ie a job or a relationship as opposed to just leaving a place/event, eg leaving a party which is partir.

Anyway, I told them my plans (which truthfully I don't even know myself yet) which are to stay around at the school for a bit during the holidays (as in, the school will still be "my home") and travel during that time... I also told them about "the issue" lalala. I guess/hope/assume they are happy for me. But meh. I'm kinda over it all and just wish to remain neutral about the whole situation and them. I don't like to make enemies or hold grudges.

And to end this post here are two more quotes : Let bygones be bygones.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the PRESENT.

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