lundi 11 avril 2011

Top French baby's names of 2011 prénoms

According to this site they are:

Top 20 French girls' names 2011

1. Emma
2. Jade
3. Léa
4. Manon
5. Chloé
6. Inès
7. Camille
8. Clara
9. Sarah
10. Maëlys
11. Zoé
12. Louise
13. Lola
14. Eva
15. Lilou
16. Lina
17. Romane
18. Anaïs
19. Louna
20. Lena

Top 20 French boys' names 2011

1. Lucas
2. Nathan
3. Enzo
4. Louis
5. Mathis
6. Gabriel
7. Ethan
8. Jules
9. Noah
10. Raphaël
11. Maxime
12. Mathéo
13. Yanis
14. Tom
15. Hugo
16. Arthur
17. Clément
18. Thomas
19. Adam
20. Théo

Compare this to the previous year's

I have to admit there aren't a lot of French girls names that I like. I'm very particular about names.
I usually don't like girls names that end in 'ie' or 'y' (only because the majority of my female friends have names that end like this),
I don't like names that are too long that nobody calls them by their full name (ie I hate abbreviated names),
I don't like names that are hard to spell OR pronounce,
I don't like popular/common names,
I don't like double-barrelled names which once used to be common in French (but not so anymore, obviously, going by the lists above).

If I ever get around to having a kid I have already decided on a girls name (if the father agrees of course ;) ) that is very uncommon yet easy to spell and easy to pronounce, but am quite undecided on the boys one which seems harder to choose.

One of my students is called Nolwenn. It's a girl's name and I have to say it's my least favourite French girl's name I've ever come across!

I can't think of any French boy's names (of my students) that I really dislike but enough negativity for now!

Here are some names of my students that I like:

Clementine (even though now it makes me think of the fruit!)



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