dimanche 27 septembre 2009

L'auberge espagnole (2002) et Les poupées russes (2005)

I typed 'jeune' into YouTube to see what would come up and I found this video entitled 'Le Jeune Homme Curieux 45.' Turns out that that's not the name of it, the name of the film is 'Les poupées russes' (the Russian dolls). You can view it here (I can't embed it). There are more clips of it on YT but that's one of the longest (at 10 minutes). It's subtitled too, which is good.

It had me hooked right from the start and it turns out that the main actor is Romain Duris who also stars in Paris and Le Divorce, both of which I've talked about before. It's directed by Cédric Klapisch, the same director as 'Paris.' It also stars Audrey Tautou who I've talked about many times before too.

It seems to be somewhat of a sequel to 'L'auberge espagnole' (The Spanish Apartment) made 3 years prior, in 2002.

imdb's synopsis:
As part of a job that he is promised, Xavier, an economics student in his twenties, signs on to a European exchange program in order to gain working knowledge of the Spanish language. Promising that they'll remain close, he says farewell to his loving girlfriend, then heads to Barcelona. Following his arrival, Xavier is soon thrust into a cultural melting pot when he moves into an apartment full of international students. An Italian, an English girl, a boy from Denmark, a young girl from Belgium, a German and a girl from Tarragona all join him in a series of adventures that serve as an initiation to life.

Sypnopsis of 'Les poupées russes':
Xavier is now thirty. No longer a student, he is not yet a well-balanced, fullfiiled adult either. His career is unsatisfying : far from being the renowned novelist he aimed to be he must be content with little jobs such as reporter or ghost writer. His greatest "achievement" in "literature" is his collaboration to the script of a corny TV soap ! His sentimental life is not much better, rhythmed by one night stands and unfinished romances. It looks as if when he seduces a woman beautiful outside and inside such as Kassia or Wendy he can't keep them. Will he ever bring his life into focus?

Another two films to put on my ever-growing list of French movies to watch!


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