jeudi 1 octobre 2009

The law of attraction

Les idées toutes faites (set ideas)

Be warned, I'm about to get all psycho mumbo jumbo on you all...

So there's this book called 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrnes which talks about the Law of Attraction and some people believe it's hogwash. However, I kind of believe in it. Now, I don't believe that thinking and wishing for a brand new car is going to make one appear within the next few days out of the blue (and for free for you) but I do believe that your thoughts tend to attract the things you think about.

When I hear people say that they French are arrogant, unfriendly, etc etc.. I fully believe it's because they have these pre-conceived notions, judgements and prejudices.. so what happens is that when they actually go to France, they attract these shorts of people and situations and therefore it somehow 'proves' that their theory was right all along.

Now, 2 years ago I moved overseas and while I was gone, my sister came to live in my apartment. Recently, I was chatting to her about the medical centre nearby and how I almost always have good experiences there and never had to wait more than 10-15 minutes, whereas she complained and said she always had to wait over an hour... then she launched into a tirade about how she didn't like the people in this suburb. They were rude, selfish, annoying, etc. Hang on a minute! I was confused. Were we talking about the same place? Yes. We were talking about the exact same apartment, suburb, people and places, yet we had totally different experiences. Why was this? I fully believe that it's because she has this inbuilt prejudice which attracted all these negative experiences to her.

Where am I going with all of this? Well, I was just reading this blog where this women mentioned how wonderful Air France were to her, her husband and her young son. Now, it's rare to hear someone give glowing reviews about an airline and come to think of it, my best experience was with Emirates. If I'm going to get all philosophical and psychological about this, I had read that they were one of the top 3 airlines in the world almost every year so somehow I must've attracted these great experiences, right? I guess I had high expectations but was pleasantly surprised when they did actually meet my expectations and I have nothing but glowing things to say about them.

So my conclusion to this convoluted post is that if and when I eventually get to France I'm just going to think positively. Sure bad things happen to everyone once in a while and there's always that 1% of humanity/society which suck but the rest should be OK. I think that if I keep this positive frame of mind that the French people are nice, friendly, helpful, etc... then somehow I should attract these sorts of people along the way! Afterall, the few French people that I know have all been nice and friendly to me, especially the one I met by random when I was living overseas.


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