mardi 8 février 2011

20°C in Chamonix and random stuff

It was yet another beautiful day yesterday so I decided to go for a walk... Then I realised that it had been so long since I'd done any proper exercise that I decided to jog for a bit. It had also been a while since I took photos in my vicinity so I did all 3. It was so unbelievably warm I was sweating like crazy with only 2 layers of clothes (thin long sleeve top and thin sweater) and jeans on. It was t-shirt weather!

Then last night I heard it was 19° in Chamonix and today it's 20° :( which means... no snow...

Overall I'm in quite a good mood because the weather is just gorgeous. Like I said before, it is sunny almost every day in my town and it's pretty consistent and very rarely windy or rainy. For that reason I actually prefer it over the weather in Sydney. The weather in Australia is so inconsistent you'd be lucky to get 2 days in a row with the same weather!

Last night I watched 2 back-to-back episodes of the Simpsons and then normally I go back to my room to veg, surf the net, organise my photos, or prepare for the following day. But last night I decided to stay and watch... Top Chef (France) !! Now I have never seen the US version and we don't get it in Australia but it's very similar to Masterchef. It was hard to stay focused because it went for over 2 hours but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have never watched tv for that long since I came to France (7:30-11pm!) The creative/artistic techniques they used just blew me away.

This is so bizarre.. but all of a sudden, I am popular? When I first came here I was crying in my room because I knew nobody and had nobody to talk to or do stuff with and now people are actively seeking me out in person, or through notes or text messages to talk to me, to show me something, to tell me something or to ask me something or to simply hang out with me! I can't believe it :) I'm specifically talking about my 4 closest friends - M, K, Y and the Italian assistant C but it's just the general vibe I get... It's such a nice feeling because when I was in high school or university I was NEVER popular and it was always ME who had to go in search of others...

What else?

I've been told that some teachers are going to strike on Thursday due to some reform where the  government is cost cutting and people will lose shifts/jobs etc...

We had Chinese food in the school cantine today in honour of Chinese New Year! Unfortunately it wasn't that great but I'm still happy as the whole canteen was decked out in beautiful colourful decorations and the staff made a real effort.


Edited 7 March

Check out this comedy sketch about Top Chef:


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