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Somewhere - Coppola - film review

Somewhere - film review

I'm just on a roll with watching films now... Last night I checked out Somewhere at the cinema (in VO). I think with almost every film that I've seen at the cinema in France I saw this as a trailer so I was intrigued. But really, I had nothing better to do. My plans with K fell through and instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I said to C, let's go to the movies! And she said OK.

I can't tell you how great it is to have a friend who is so close to you (friendship wise and location-wise) that you can just have fun at the last minute. With 99% people that I know you can never do anything with them last minute as they already have plans or they are just too lazy, couldn't be bothered, etc etc.

Anyway, this is definitely a 'strange' arty sort of film and I went to see it with an open mind and not knowing much about it. It has a lot of potential but even for someone like me who likes arty films, it went over my head a bit. You can read into it what you will. There are many 'symbols' and scenes which may mean different things to different people...

I guess the biggest disappointment for me was the ending. If it had a better ending I would have liked it a lot more. There were some very slow scenes but I never felt bored. The soundtrack was very very good.

The story is about a 30-something year old rich and famous Hollywood actor Johnny, (played by Stephen Dorff) who spends his spare time driving his Ferrari from party to party. He seems to have it all on the outside but on the inside he is just completely empty. He hasn't had a fulfilling relationship since the breakup with mother of his daughter. And it is she, Cleo (played by the beautiful, delightful and talented Elle Fanning) that changes his perspective on life.

She suddenly appears one day and then afterwards the two of them spend an extended period of time together, probably the longest since she was born. We, as the audience, get a glimpse into the flashy yet seedy and shallow world of rich celebrities as does his daughter who seems to take it all in her stride.

I could write a lot more but it would be impossible to do so without giving away some of the plot.

I loved Stephen Dorff in his earlier films and I particularly remember the excellent telefilm (true story) I know my first name is Steven. It was great to see him again.

A bit off topic, but with my eagle eyes I the beginning of the film when Cleo goes to figure ice skating lesson, she has a Zuca suitcase with her (the Zuca Sport designed for carting around iceskates). It also has flashing colourful wheels.

If you liked "Lost in Translation", "Marie Antoinette" and Coppola's other works you might like this but for me I felt there were just too many elements 'missing'.



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