dimanche 13 septembre 2009

Test Podium proficiency tests

I just randomly Googled and found a proficiency test. I found one at Test Podium which seemed pretty good. 35 mins and 40 questions.

Here are my results:

Test type French test level 2

Date of test 13.09.2009

Test result 43.75 % correct

Grading according to section

Grammar 12.50%
Vocabulary 12.50%
Communication 81.25%
Listening comprehension 37.50%
Reading comprehension 75.00%

Level Intermediate level 2 (37.5/60 Points)

and their grading and corresponding CEFR levels:

Elementary 1 (00-10 points) A1
Elementary 2 (11-20 points) A2
Intermediate 1 (21-30 points) B1
Intermediate 2 (31-40 points) B2
Advanced 1 (41-50 points) C1
Advanced 2 (51-60 points) C2

So according to them, I'm at B2 level! So either I'm better than I thought I was, or the tests I'm taking are really easy. Hmm...

I also took the reading comprehension tests at French.about.com (the 3 part story about Lucie) and scored 80%/80%/90%.


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